Craig Wolf’s lifelong commitment to public service has led him to run for Attorney General of Maryland. He feels that Maryland needs an AG who puts the safety and security of Marylanders first. The relentless politicization of the Attorney General’s office has left Marylanders behind, and the issues that are most pressing in our communities are ignored. Craig believes that the top priority of the Attorney General should be to protect the citizens of Maryland, not the interests of partisan power-brokers.

As a former federal and state prosecutor, business leader and United States Army veteran, Craig has the depth and breadth of experience that Maryland needs in the Attorney General’s office. With so many complex problems facing our state and nation, we need a public servant who isn’t a career politician. Instead, we need a public servant who has tirelessly devoted his career to tackling complex issues, protecting society’s most vulnerable and putting the safety, security and interests of Marylanders first.

Please join Craig Wolf in creating a safer Maryland together.

A statewide campaign to unseat a powerful, bankrolled incumbent is no easy task, but it’s important to the future of our state.  If you agree, will you please consider chipping into our campaign?  

 “Use of Craig Wolf’s military service, rank, job titles and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Army or the Department of Defense.”