July 18, 2018

(7/18/2018) Herald Mail: AG challenger likes Day Reporting Center, accuses Frosh of politicizing

Wolf on Tuesday came to Washington County for meetings and a tour of the Day Reporting Center, where he learned from Program Director Rebecca Hogamier about the center’s mission.

The center opened in 2016 as an alternative to incarceration for low-risk offenders. It includes supervision, treatment for substance abuse, job training and other programs to help prepare them for their return to the community.

“I gotta tell you, I’m impressed with what they’re doing here,” Wolf said. “It really should be the model for the rest of the state. You know, Maryland has a real opioid epidemic — I don’t know a family that hasn’t been touched by it.

“What they’re doing here is a great way to take people out of the jails, transition them into a productive member of the society and deal with their addictions — so that when they come out of the program, they’re actually ready to get started with their lives or continue with their lives.”

“I think you need to be a lot more devoted to the problems in this state than you do to the problems in Washington, D.C.,” he said. “And I think my opponent has politicized the office. He seems more focused on the politics of things than he does on the solutions that we need to have the attorney general’s office involved in.

“He’s got good people working for him, don’t get me wrong. … But leadership comes from the top, and if his mind is elsewhere, if he’s obsessed with Washington, then he’s not obsessed with Maryland.”

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